Donald Trump took the missile threat to a different level on Saturday as American bombers flew in the proximity of the east coast of North Korea. This move comes as a demonstration of force and power against Kim Jong-Un as his unilateral military actions and the several successive nuclear tests have attracted the fury of international leaders and, as expected, sanctions from the United Nations. The clash between the two presidents was taken to a different level when the North Korean political figure called Donald Trump a ''dotard''. In this cat and mouse game, there is only one certain winner: global chaos.

Soft power vs Hard power

As we know, the United Nations Charter promotes self-defence and the use of armed force as a last resort to any threat to international peace. The UN sanctions against the North Korean nuclear tests aimed to bring soft power, the use of appeal and persuasion at the negotiations table, but the dictatorial politics of Kim Jong-Un might force the transition to hard power. This culminates with the usage of military force instead of diplomatic means.

Saturday's military actions of the American bombers highlight the degree of the developing nuclear threat. What seemed to be considered as a demonstration of the ego of Kim Jong-Un has emerged into an international diplomatic conflict which includes #North Korea, USA, China, South Korea, Japan. A natural quake with a 3.4 magnitude which occurred near the North Korean nuclear site reiterates the importance of soft power.

Blink and you might miss a new nuclear test run by the third member of the Kim dynasty.

'An irreversible mistake'

The whole debate over the effectiveness of either soft power or hard power seems to be out of the question for the North Korean camp as their speech is constantly focused on military threats.

The latest proof: The speech at the #UN General Assembly of the North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho blaming the actions of Donald Trump and his speech against the North Korean President. Ri Yong-ho suggested the #United States will be transformed into an ''inevitable target'' as a result of Trump's words. By entering this game of cat and mouse and because of the mutual hate speech, we can witness how North Korea has become the ambassador of chaos at the international level in diplomatic and military terms. According to Ri Yong-ho, Trump ''committed an irreversible mistake of making our rockets' visit to the entire U.S. mainland inevitable all the more".