Donald Trump's use of Twitter has been a recurring point of discussion since he announced that he would be running for President two years ago. Trump has tweeted about subjects as diverse as Kristen Stewart's relationship with Robert Pattinson, made slanderous comments about presidential rival, Hillary Clinton, and has branded Meryl Streep a fraud for having the temerity to speak out against him.

Trump trumped in court

Yesterday, President Donald Trump's Twitter account was once again central to political discourse. As news broke that judges in the ninth circuit court upheld a temporary restraining order on Trump's executive order to ban citizens of Syria, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia and Libya from entering the United States, Trump tweeted:

Trump's urgent use of capitals and apparent obliviousness to the fact the case had just been seen by court precipitated mirth across the internet.

Evidently, Trump was talking about taking the case to the high court- where he will likely succeed in overturning the restraining order- but that didn't prevent him from receiving the meme treatment.

One Twitter poking fun at the President stands out. Former Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, used a mere three characters out of the one hundred and forty available.

Referring to the three times that Trump's executive order had been blocked, Clinton tweeted:

Trump administration confident

Sean Spicer, president donald trump's press secretary, said: 'We will be taking our case to the supreme court. We are confident that we can get the right result there.

The President's primary aim is to protect the citizens of the United States and we believe that this executive order will fulfil that purpose'.

Spicer and Trump's confidence stems from the makeup of the supreme court. Currently, four liberals and four conservatives occupy the bench. If all four conservative judges vote with Trump, the travel ban will be implemented. However, if one conservative judge votes against Trump's executive order, the ban will be over turned.