As more and more information surrounding the events leading to president Trump’s Executive Order on immigration banning everyone from Syria, banning everyone from 6 more countries for 3 months, and stopping all refugees from any country for 120 days from applying for visas (possibly a violation of the 1949 Geneva Convention), we are learning who was responsible.

Did Bannon control first 2 weeks of WH actions?

Reports coming from the White House say that steve bannon is playing a very big part in actually drafting most of the President’s Executive Orders, including toughening up the Immigration ban order.

Most Presidential orders were right in line with Donald Trump’s campaign promises so it isn’t surprising or in any way unusual or inappropriate that his chief strategist is helping create the orders President Trump signs.

Also, despite Trump saying he wrote his own Inaugural Address, insiders are telling reporters it was mostly written by White House insiders Steve Bannon and Steve Miller.

But how much longer will this honeymoon period with the alt-right continue when President Trump has to choose between Steve Bannon’s ideas and Trump's billionaire friends?

President Trump has, after a fortnight, gone directly against one of Mr Bannon’s core beliefs, that wall street is to blame for many of today’s woes.

Who is Bannon?

Stephen Bannon is the former head of Breitbart News, an extreme right wing online news source that has been described as supporting the KKK and neo-Nazis, who has been one of President Trump’s major advisors. He got his Internet news training from a short period that he spent with the Drudge Report. The New Yorker famously called Breitbart News “less of a content provider than a malcontent provider.”

That’s common knowledge these days but before he started focusing on alt-right politics Stephen Bannon graduated from Harvard with an MBA and spent years at Goldman Sachs (a giant Wall Street investment bank - Travelodge UK is a subsidiary) in the 80's, before the company welt wild with formerly illegal activities (banking regulations dating from the Great Depression were dropped by Republicans.)

Bannon sounds a lot like Senator Sanders on some topics:

“The 2008 [banking] crisis… is really driven I believe by the greed, much of it driven by the greed of the investment banks.

“I think the [Wall Street] bailouts in 2008 were wrong.”

Not “one criminal charge has ever been brought to any bank executive associated with 2008 crisis.”

“The Republican Party ‘is really a collection of crony capitalists that feel that they have a different set of rules’ and are ‘the reason that the United States’ financial situation is so dire’.”

All evidence from his speeches and writings show that Mr Bannon really believes all those things and therefore is right in line with many of Senator Sander’s ideas, which led an attempt to take back the Democratic Party for the poor, students, and the working class.

But as Sen. Sanders said on CNN Sunday morning, while President Trump got elected on those policies he has already gone directly against many of them.

Many of Trump’s cabinet nominees are billionaires and two were long-time Wall St. insiders, it’s important to emphasize that while Steve Bannon is also a former Wall St. insider he is adamant in calling for more regulation and even prosecution of the people and companies that, for no other reason than sheer greed, destroyed the retirement investments of tens of millions of Americans and plunged the world into a financial crisis. Some of those people were in Bannon's old firm, Goldman Sachs, that was fined $5 billion for its misdeeds leading to 2008, but the crimes were not committed when he was with Goldman Sachs so, while he would know about WS; rules and if crimes were committed.

President Trump is now moving to reverse the Dodd-Frank banking regulations enacted by the Democrats.