Due to the fear of massive protests already being organized on Facebook, President trump has essentially been uninvited from the Harley Davidson factory. This sets yet another record for the new president - protests so massive in his second week in office that factory owners considered it too risky to have The President of the United States visit or even have people think he was supposed to visit.

Trump essentially banning himself

In Britain, demonstrators in Downing Street and some MPs are calling for Prime Minister May to withdraw the invitation for President Trump to visit London.

One or more MPs with dual passports may find themselves banned from the US in this new environment.

But the big news tonight, which is overshadowing his Apprentice-like announcement plans for his choice for The US Supreme Court, is that Demonstrations are so massive in the US and around the world that the managers of the Harley Davidson Company have decided it is too potentially dangerous to their employees and facilities to host a visit from President Trump.

The really interesting part of all this (for an outside observer, not for the President who is probably not amused), is that although President Trump was scheduled to make an economic speech in Milwaukee on Thursday, Harley Davidson’s spokesperson didn’t confirm that any appearance was ever scheduled for either the factory or the Harley Davidson Museum.

Harley Davidson, is the builder of “the Hog,” a giant, very heavy definitely all-American motorcycle famously ridden by Hells Angels and other biker gangs, as well as many police departments.

But whatever the truth about whether he was supposed to visit Harley Davidson, or not, this must be a major embarrassment for President Trump to be publically uninvited to this all American business because of fears of massive protests against his policy banning Muslims just two weeks into his job.

The only thing I can think of that would be worse would be if President Trump decided to visit Punxsutawney, PA this Thursday instead for Groundhog Day and Phil bit him (Punxsutawney Phil often bites handlers.)