Nigel Farage, the former leader of UK independence party, UKIP, and political commentator Katie Hopkins have expressed support for Donald Trump's immigration ban on citizens from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen from entering the United States for ninety days. Theresa May has yet to condemn Trump's policy.

In the United Kingdom, the news of Trump's executive order sparked widespread protests in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh. Moreover, a further one and a half million people signed an online petition in order to attempt to prevent Trump being invited to the United Kingdom on a state visit.

Farage in favour of 'extreme vetting'

However, Farage and Hopkins, two of the most notorious right-wing commentators in Great Britain, approve of Trump's 'extreme vetting of Muslims". Hopkins and Farage both urged Prime Minister Theresa May to undertake the same measures.

Appearing on the 'BBC Politics Show', Farage stated: 'Trump was elected because the American people wanted to get tough on extremism. He was elected to do everything in his power to extinguish ISIS terrorists and, after a week in the job, he has already made a strong start,' Farage said.

Farage continued: 'Trump has the remit to do this. We are all concerned about ISIS and I would like to see extreme vetting implemented in the United Kingdom.

Farage perceives that the immigration ban will help prevent Muslim extremists from entering the United States. Despite once suggesting that Syrian refugees should be allowed in the UK, Farage declared that he now supports Trump's executive order.

Katie Hopkins in favour of the ban

Fellow Trump apostle Katie Hopkins, on her radio show on the LBC Network, was fast to defend the immigration ban during a diatribe against Muslim refugees.

Hopkins said: 'I'm hand in hand with the President on this policy. It's all well and good to take the moral high ground in Europe but what good is moral high ground when people are continuing to be blown up?' Hopkins rhetorically asked.