Fifteen Law professors filed an ethics complaint against kellyanne conway claiming professional misconduct. The law professors listed the reasons for their complaint in a letter obtained by the news media. The complaint letter was sent to The Office of Disciplinary Council, Board of Professional Responsibility, Washington DC. The law professors claim her actions violate the rule of professional conduct that states a lawyer should not engage in dishonesty, misrepresentation, deceit or fraud.

Basis for the complaint

Kellyanne Conway has been under fire recently for a series of statements she made that the media considered false.

The letter listed Kellyanne Conway’s lies and unethical actions and highlighted:

  • The Bowling Green Massacre
  • Conway’s reference to Alternative facts
  • Promoting items sold by President Trump’s daughter

The law professors state in their complaint that because Kellyanne Conway holds a public office – Counselor to the President – she has a greater ethical obligation than other lawyers.

Trouble for Conway?

Kellyanne Conway holds a Law Degree from the George Washington Law School and was admitted to the bar in 1995. It is a basis for the complaint of ethics violation to the Board of Professional Responsibility that deals with complaints about members of the bar in Washington. The professors are claiming that she breached the code of ethics in the course of her work for Donald Trump.

If the claims are substantiated, Conway could face disciplinary action.

Conway's alternative facts

From claims of an event called the Bowling Green Massacre to the manufactured theory of alternative facts, Kellyanne Conway has found herself in hot water over and over again. On Feb 2 while defending Trump's executive order to ban immigration from some Muslim majority countries, she referred to the non-existent event.

Then there was her claim about alternative facts when defending White House Pres Secretary Sean Spicer's inaccurate statements about crowd sizes at Trump's inauguration. These statements along with Conway's plugging of Ivanka Trump's clothing has led the Law professors to take action.