Speaker of the Commons, john bercow, faces increasing pressure to resign from his position following footage that revealed he voted to remain in the European Union emerged. Questions about the speaker's impartiality first arose when he stated that he would not allow President Donald Trump to speak in the House of Commons.

'Commons must decide if Bercow is impartial'

David Lidington, leader of the Commons, said that MPs must decide whether John Bercow is fit for the role, warning that there would be a strong backlash to his latest comments. In the video obtained by the Sunday Telegraph, John Bercow, addressing Reading University, said: 'Personally, I voted to remain in the European Union.

I thought it was better to stay in the European Union than to risk heading blind into uncharted territories'.

Bercow continued, saying that immigration had brought benefits to Britain before referring to the 'untruths' and the 'promises that can't be kept' that assisted the leave campaign.

John Bercow is already facing a vote of no confidence. Last week, Bercow branded president donald trump as 'racist, sexist and divisive' before stating that he would prevent the President from speaking in parliament. Many Conservative Party backbenchers claim that Bercow's position is now untenable.

'The speaker has remained impartial throughout Brexit'

Bercow’s spokesperson said:'The speaker voted in the EU referendum.

The record shows that the speaker rigorously interrogated both side of the argument over the referendum. In parliament, the speaker has been nothing but impartial. His record shows his neutrality in the House of Commons, irrespective of how he voted in the general election, the EU referendum or 'Strictly Come Dancing''.

James Duddridge, the MP that set in motion a vote of no confidence, claimed that it is now difficult for the speaker to continue.

Duddridge said: 'I was unhappy with the speaker's comments about Donald Trump. They were out of line. I though the speaker was grandstanding. Further, the revelation that he voted to remain in the European Union surprised me. I don't think his vote in the EU referendum has had an impact on his impartiality. But, the scoresheet is mounting up and the criticism will continue'.