The proliferation of 'fake news' continues to shape the modern world. Whether Donald Trump's press secretary is branding unfavourable news stories as untrue or Jeremy Corbyn is labelling rumours of his resignation as 'Fake News,' the alternative sources of information available on the internet have distorted the nature of news reporting.

Fake news 'killing people's minds'

Yesterday, tim cook, the head of Apple, said that 'fake news is killing people's minds'. Cook, in a rare public interview, said that technology companies need to take responsibility for the spread of false news stories, without impinging on constitutional rights.

Moreover, Cook said that it is incumbent on government's to crack down on outlets spreading false stories.

“At the moment, we are in the midst of this period of time right where the people that are winning are the people looking to garner the most clicks rather than the people looking to tell the truth. This sensationalist approach to reporting that is driven by advertising is making it increasingly difficult for people to make informed political decisions. In a way, it is killing people's minds,' Cook said

Cook continued: 'All technology companies must create tools to prevent the spread of false stories. However, we must find the balance. We do not wish to step on freedom of speech but we have a duty to guide the reader.

Currently, people in positions of power are too concerned with complaining rather than doing anything of any note'.

Programmes should be taught in schools

Cook demanded action: 'We need an internet version of a public service announcement. The idea of fake news must be taught in schools and ingrained in the public consciousness.

I would go as far as saying we need to teach it as a course to modern children and teenagers growing up surrounded by the internet'.

President Trump is deemed to have been a direct beneficiary of fake news stories during the election, with untrue stories such as the Pope endorsing Trump and Hillary Clinton being part of a paedophile ring gaining millions of views respectively.