President Donald Trump will be granted 'full courtesy' when he visits the United Kingdom later in the year, despite a petition signed by almost two million people asking for the President's invitation to be revoked. The online petition, which will be debated in parliament on the 20th February, stated Trump should be able to enter the United Kingdom but he shouldn't be granted an official state visit 'as it would be an embarrassment to the Queen'.

Trump's state visit to go ahead

Last month, when Prime Minister Theresa May visited Donald Trump in Washington, she invited Trump to Britain on an official state visit.

Typically, a state visit includes meeting the royal family and addressing parliament-historically, US presidents aren't invited to the UK on a state visit until several years after their inauguration. However, given the United Kingdom's perilous position post-Brexit, Theresa May was quick to establish a relationship with the new president.

In a short email sent to the signatories of the petition, the Foreign Office said: 'We recognise the strong views expressed in this petition.... but we do not support this petition. Donald Trump's invitation is a sign of the importance of UK-US relations. A final date has yet to be agreed on the visit'.

The visit could be moved from London to Brexit heartland, where Trump support is likely to be stronger and security risks are lower.

Nigel Farage, though, has argued that Trump should hold a rally at Wembley stadium.

The Speaker of the House, John Bercow, said that he would refuse Trump the permission to speak in Westminster Hall due to parliament's opposition to sexism and racism. Bercow's remarks drew widespread ire and inspired James Duddridge MP to begin collecting signatures for vote of no confidence motion against the speaker.

Protests will go ahead

Owen Jones, a prominent member of Stand Up to Trump, said: “Trump’s state visit will witness the biggest demonstrations against bigotry and divisive politics in British history. Regardless of where he goes, we will march in our millions against his collusion with Westminster'.