After parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour to give Prime Minister Theresa May the power to trigger article 50, David Davies presented his white paper to the set out the main points of the government's Brexit proposal. Here are the key points arising from the paper which makes 77 pages out of May's Lancaster House speech last month.

Sovereignty and control over UK laws

The document states that although the British parliament has been sovereign throughout UK's EU membership, 'it has not always felt like it due to the pressure from the European Union'.

The paper confirms that the government intends to 'take control of the UK's laws'.

What does it mean for Ireland?

The paper states that the government wish to keep a seamless border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland whilst 'protecting the United Kingdom's immigration system'. The paper does not state how it intends to do this.


The paper does not divulge any details on the details plans for EU nationals living in the UK and vice versa, outside of what the Prime Minister stated at Lancaster House. The paper reiterated how immigration is one of the most important factors in negotiations. No specifics are detailed on how the UK intends to control immigration. However, there is a suggestion that businesses and communities will be consulted on the matter.

EU trade and the single market

David Davies stated that he wishes the UK and the EU have 'frictionless trade agreement that is beneficial for all involved'. The government want to be outside the customs union but wishes to create a new customs agreement. There is little expansion beyond that.

Security and crime cooperation

As May stated previously, the UK and EU will, ideally, continue to work together to combat terrorism.

'We remain committed to EU security and wish to contribute to security policy,' the paper states.

Orderly exit

The document echoes the sentiment of recent Theresa May statements in the sense it urges the EU to deliver a 'smooth and beneficial exit from the European Union that will require a coordinated approach on both sides'. The document states that it is in no one's interest to be in limbo for years longer than necessary.