My friend who knew Steve Jobs and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak always said they were both non-political but certainly would be described as liberal if anything. Stan Veit (founder of Computer Shopper) was involved with Apple in the early days, encouraging the pair of maverick business nerds and even sharing his table at the Atlantic City Computer Show with them for the first appearance of an Apple computer in a major computer show. Today's Apple CEO is certainly anti-ban as Jobs and Woz must have been considering how they grew their country with immigrants.

CEO tells PM UK will be just fine post-Brexit

The current head of Apple is on a tour of Europe talking with heads of state in many countries and on Thursday he met with Prime Minister Theresa May where he showed that he too is, if anything, a US-style liberal when he repeated his claim that Fake News is a major threat to

During his visit to Number 10, Tim Cook later told ITV that in his talk with PM May he emphasized that the UK would be fine after Brexit. He said, “We [Apple Computer Co.] are very optimistic about the UK’s future.” He also reminded viewers that Apple will have a significant presence in the Battersea Power Station with a giant headquarters complex which will have plenty of room to expand in the future in the 9£ development.

The new Apple Campus is expected to open in 2021 when it moves 1,400 or more employees in the iPhone and iPad divisions to all 6 floors in the “cathedral of power.” If it looks familiar, the Power Station was seen in its unrestored condition in the premier episode of Sherlock, "A Scandal in Belgravia."

Friday on ITV

Mr Cook also appeared on Good Morning Britain where he called for technology companies to do more to stop fake news.

During the interview, he said, “You have to give the consumer tools to help with this,” saying we need filter it out before goes viral but he emphasized this must be done "without losing the great openness of the internet." He also said what many European politicians are beginning to see, that fake news is a serious problem, Calling it one of the main problems today, he continued.

“It is not something that has a simple solution.”

Tim Cook vocal opposition to Trump ban

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that Apple wouldn’t exist today without immigrants and what they brought to the workforce at the giant technology company. He also quoted Martin Luther King’s thought that it's not so much what people do that is important but what they fail to do.

Apple is one of more than 100 major US and international companies petitioning the Trump Administration to reconsider its plan to ban immigrants and refugees from some mostly-Muslim countries.

Trump reaction

President Trump posted a bombastic "SEE YOU IN COURT" tweet just after the three-Judge Federal Appeals Court ruled against the Government and let the restraining order continue blocking deportation and immigrant ban.

However, last evening on Air Force One on the way to a golfing weekend with the Japanese Prime Minister, President Trump said they were redrafting the Executive Order and it could be ready on Monday.