alec baldwin's impersonation of President Donald Trump is pretty convincing. Since Trump announced that he would be running for President a couple of years ago, he has been subject to Alec Baldwin's impersonation regularly on 'Saturday Night Live'. This past weekend, Alec Baldwin's impersonation of the President of the United States fooled a Dominican newspaper.

Baldwin makes it into El Nacional

On Saturday, El Nacional, a prominent newspaper in the Dominican Republic, issued an apology after mistakenly printing a photo of Alec Baldwin's impression instead of a picture of Donald Trump himself.

The photograph was published next to an article titled 'Trump says settlements in Israel don't favour peace'. The picture of Baldwin, wearing a blonde wig and copious amounts of fake tan, was printed next to a photograph of Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

In a statement released on their website, El Nacional said: ''A photograph of Alec Baldwin was published on page nineteen of the newspaper instead of president donald trump. The mistake went completely unnoticed by editorial staff. El Nacional wholeheartedly apologises to all of its readers and to anyone that was affected by the publication of the photograph. In the future, we will strive to do more to prevent mistakes like this'.

Trump vs Hollywood continues

Since his election, Donald Trump has faced continuing criticism from Hollywood and prominent celebrities. Baldwin's impersonation of Trump is hardly nuanced, but it has solicited a response from the President on a number of occasions. Trump has criticised 'Saturday Night Live,' stating that Baldwin's portrayal of him 'stinks'.

Trump once tweeted during 'Saturday Night Live': 'Not funny at all, the cast is terrible, always a complete hit job. It is really bad television'.

Donald Trump will meet Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, for the first time today. Trump and Trudeau are expected to attempt to form a personal relationship, much like Theresa May did a couple of weeks ago.