In the wake of the operations conducted by the Pakistani army in Baluchistan, the founding Chief of the Baluch Republican Party Brahumdagh Bugti seeks refuge in India. During a conversation with a private Indian channel, Bugti clearly stated that he will be highly grateful to the Indian government if it allows Baluchis to seek political asylum.

The ongoing revolt in baluchistan by a couple of radical political parties along with BRP and the act of supressing the revolt by Pakistani army has claimed at least 21 lives along which 7 people that were hacked to death.

The regular forces of pakistan have left no stone unturned in the bid to crush this insurgence. Apart from regular foot soldiers, gun shift helicopters have been put to use for strafing.

Talking about the constant violations of human rights and the pathetic condition of the people of Baluchistan, the chieftain of BRP observed that the Pakistani army has indiscriminately bombed the region which has wreaked havoc the there. If reports of certain human right groups are to be believed, then 10000 people have vanish from this region in the past decade.

The cause of the revolts in Baluchistan can be traced back to 1948 when this region was annexed in the Pakistani map with the assistance of military actions.

Since then several separatist groups, the strongest of them being Baluchistan Liberation Army (BLA) which is identified as a terrorist group by Pakistan and U.K, have tried to free this region several times from the chains of Pakistan.

Instead of taking strong measures to resolve the problems of Baluchistan in a peaceful manner, Pakistan has always blamed India for the insurgencies in that region.

In the recent past, Pakistan has accused India of setting up nine training camps along the Afghan border where members of BLA are being trained.

In the middle of the act of crushing the revolt and the blame game, the inhabitants of Baluchistan continue to suffer day in day out, the burnt houses in Makran being a small example of their agony.