After the Chilcot enquiry was finally published Tony Blair may well be the least popular man in Britain (if he wasn't already), but those Labour MPs who voted for it will not be all that far behind. Unfortunately for those who care about the Labour party and its prospects of forming the next Government Angela Eagle was one of them.

Jeremy Corbyn managed to pull of one of the biggest political surprises in history not only thanks to his messages of pacifism and disarmament but also because he was the antithesis to Tony Blair and the New Labour project.

His previous opposition to intervention in Iraq will be a trump card in the impending leadership election. Not only does Eagle's vote look like an exhibit of bad judgement but it is a clear link to Tony Blair.

In the last leadership election 'Blairite' was one of the most toxic terms in the contest, with every candidate keen to put as much distance as possible between themselves and the man who took the party to 3 election victories. The contempt in which that sort of politics is held amongst the party's members is illustrated by Liz Kendall's paltry 4.5% of first preference votes in 2015.

Yet Eagle is no Blairite. On Corbyn's now infamous list on each MPs receptiveness to him she was classifieded as 'neutral but not hostile'.

She was not deemed to be part of the right of the party who were far more representative of New Labour, unlike that faction which never accepted him she got on with serving in the shadow cabinet. As BBC political correspondent Eleanor Garnier states she will style herself as a "practical socialist".

However don't expect the fact that Eagle is more reminiscent of Milliband than Blair to stop Mr Corbyn's allies and supporters tarnishing her with that brush.

Within hours of her candidacy being formalised Diane Abbott set about attacking her 2003 stance on Iraq by branding her as the 'Empire strikes back" candidate in a rather disturbing Star Wars analogy. It is clear that this attack is just a taste of what is set to come.

Despite the inaccuracies of any analysis that brands her as a Blairite the unfortunate truth is that in all politics what people think and what somebody's reputation is far more important than the actual facts.

This perception of her secured by her support for the war and reinforced by the New Labour figures who'll be involved in the campaign make her unlikely to win over the membership.

Another depressing truth for anybody supporting Angela Eagle is that in the 2015 election for deputy leader she received a fairly lowly 16.2% of first preference votes and was eliminated in 4th place. Although it must be said a Deputy leader election between 5 is a very different matter to a leadership election between 2 it would appear that Eagle was not overly popular with the Labour membership before Chilcot never mind after it.

With such active support from Momentum and constituency Labour parties for Corbyn and the lukewarm backing for Eagle it looks like her path to victory is unlikely and her challenge will ultimately fail. Her support for Iraq looks set to be a nail in the coffin.

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