The UK election results were announced on Friday.

The veterans who will be leaving include Labour Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls, Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander, Respect Party's George Galloway and Liberal Democrat Minister of State for Schools and the Cabinet Office, David Laws.

The loss of Labour Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls, has been dubbed by the BBC as the "biggest casualty of this election" after the recount showed he lost by a mere 422 votes. The Scottish National Party has taken 56 out of the 59 seats in Scotland, including electing 20-year-old student, Mhairi Black.

Miss Black has won her seat against Labour heavy-weight Douglas Alexander and became the youngest MP since 1666. Shadow Foreign Secretary, Mr Alexander, said in his concession speech that Scotland has: "chosen to oppose this Conservative government but not place its trust in the Labour party. It will be our responsibility to re-win that trust in the months and years ahead."

The rise of yellow SNP seats came from a distrust in Labour and this was shown clearly by the loss of Scottish Labour's leader, Jim Murphy, was also voted out of office. Mr Murphy said in his concession speech that the battle to rebuild Labour in Scotland will begin today.

Yet Labour was not the biggest loser of political heritage in this nail-biting election, it was the Liberal Democrats.

Former Acting leader of the Liberal Democrat party, Vince Cable, lost his seat in Twickenham to the Conservatives by over 2,000 votes.

Charles Kennedy, another former leader, lost his seat to the SNP by over 6,000 votes. Simon Hughes, MP for 31 years and The former Home Office Minister, Norman Baker and Ed Davey were also among the Liberal Democrats who will also no longer sit in Parliament.

It was not just the men who were victims of lost popularity. Liberal Democrats Jo Swinson and Home Office Minister Lynne Featherstone also will have to leave their posts. This means that the best five years of parliament will be void of notable Liberal Democrat and Labour MPs. Instead it will be filled with fresh-faced Scottish Nationalist Party members.