World Diversity Day motto is to "do one thing for diversity and inclusion."

The options are endless. However, it is possible to participate to this global day with actions that you can take immediately.

1. Learn about your local history

Cultural diversity isn't only a phenomenon of 21st century. If Muslims have a presence in Europe since 8th century, and we can see characters of different colours in Renaissance drama, your neighbourhood surely must have had some non-British influence.

2. Indulge in world cuisine

Perhaps one of the most obvious perks of diversity can be found in kitchens.

A bonus would be to share food with someone from another culture.

3. Enjoy a foreign book or movie

Art is universal, and it has the power to move people regardless of the culture it is associated with.

4. Have a look at the teachings of a religion you're not familiar with

Understanding of different religions alone can be one of the most powerful tools for diversity and inclusion.

5. Get to know your neighbours

Perhaps you have a lot in common with them. Befriending different people in your street might be the easiest way to get out of your cultural comfort zone.