Boris Nemtsov's murder has split opinion in Moscow with tens of thousands marching toward the Kremlin today in memory of the most vocal person in opposition to the current Kremlin government. Never before has a crowd been able to protest so close to the government buildings in Moscow.

Families old and young held banners that read "not afraid" and "a Russia without Putin". Reports from local authorities suggest that it may have been the opposition itself that ordered the shooting to create a martyr to the anti-Kremlin movement. His supporters have blamed the government.

"The authorities are corrupt and don't allow any threats to them to emerge. Boris was uncomfortable for them." (Reuters)

Many Russian people have yearned for stability after the fall of the former Soviet Union, although it is widely regarded that the country might well be in a worse position since Vladimir Putin, the former KGB agent, took power in May 2012.

A small and almost unnoticeable opposition to the current Moscow government fear that Vladamir Putin's rule has now become an autocracy, that directly and purposefully flaunts international norms, with the drama that still unfolds in the bordering Ukraine.

Today, the organisers had hoped for over 50,000 attendees, although official reports suggest that it was nearer the 21,000 mark.

Putin's silence on all matters regarding Russian politics can and will lead to further destabilisation to the bordering Baltic states, with Lithuania announcing this week that it will renew its national conscription policy to allowing increased numbers to join the military at the age of 18.

With close opposition to the current government now having to think twice over fears of violence, who is left to stand against Vladimir Putin?

Will it take an invasion of another neighbouring country or the murder of the next government official before the West takes action.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he will do everything possible to bring to justice those who committed the "vile and cynical" murder of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov.