David Cameron has done it again. He has shown a wilful and ignorant misunderstanding of how the Internet works. In the wake of the recent Paris attacks on the Charlie Hedbo offices, and the inevitable discussions of national security, Cameron has called for a ban concerning end-to-end encryption messages.This is the technology that is used to protect our online data, including online banking, shopping, communication etc. 

He asked "In our country, do we want to allow a means of communication between people which we cannot read"?

Well Mr Cameron, yes.

We do. Surely this is the whole point of a country blessed with freedom of expression. The freedom of privacy. Something Cameron's government has always had a very serious problem with, amongst other things. How can we celebrate our freedom of expression in the wake of recent events? If your David Cameron, you try and restrict your own society's freedom of expression. In other news, two plus two equals five.

Would you want the government reading all your messages? Knowing all your online info? Your bank details? I must admit when I first heard of the Paris attacks, of thinking back to September the 11th 2001. When the US government used the attacks as a means of setting up the draconian and deeply un- democratic Patriot Act.

I hoped, I prayed that something similar wouldn't happen again because of all this. I hope and pray now that the people of Britain, if we really stand by France, carrying our "Je Suis Charlie" badges, that we will simply not allow this to happen. This is borderline fascism.

But Cameron isn't a ruthless dictator, he's simply a hopeless buffoon.

The same encryption that protects terrorists also protects government's, companies. This act can never be implemented, it will simply be a disaster for literally everyone involved. And that includes me and you. 

Cameron probably simply wants to look tough on terrorism. Particularly with a big scary general election on the horizon.

But he simply comes across as desperate, and not really understanding what he's talking about. Hopefully, these measures will be shot down and laughed at. However, it does rather say a lot about the exploitation by governments in the wake of serious tragedy. Think of that next time someone in government declares "Je Suis Charlie"