Nowadays it is so much easier to explore and listen to new artists, bands and Music styles because of social and music streaming services including Amazon, Apple, Spotify and Pandora. I’ve always been curious about new musical styles since my earlier teens and I recently discovered three new artists who are all very different.


After a great success with her hit single Cry Me Out, and gaining a list of famous fans, including Paul Weller and radio host Preeya Kalidas, the talented singer and songwriter who hails from London - via the Cotswolds released her much-anticipated debut album Ocean last month.

Ocean is about T U R Y A's self-discovery journey, which is something I believe everyone will relate to, and this is echoed throughout every song on the album. Listening to it will bring a tear to your eye.

Nicki Wells, who created T U R Y A, takes her influences from her unique life experiences and she's had more than most. She grew up in the Himalayas and travelled around the globe before settling back into London - now her hometown, the singer says "my music showcases my philosophical feelings about the world."


Is a Norwegian-born singer-songwriter who moved to the UK in 2010 and soon found her voice as one of the hottest properties on the ever-expanding British country music scene, the 30-year-old has become a key part of that explosion.

Rave reviews have greeted her every gig and I think her debut album A Moment of Your Time will attract the same acclaim. Liv describes her music as "part Scandi pop, part UK singer/songwriter and part of Nashville country". Her new single Window Shopping is out now and is full of great lyrics and catchy melody that you can have a bop to.

Liv's album A Moment Of Your Time is out October 19.

Blair Jollands

Hails from New Zealand and has globe-trotted his way around the world from Shanghai to Sydney and Bali to Berlin, absorbing every moment, which is evident in his new album 7 Blood. He was previously signed to Boy George’s label, More Protein - under the artist name El Hula.

Blair picked up 5* reviews with his previous albums Hotel and Violent Love and he has found a fresh groove with this album; handling each song with care and tenderness, so I am expecting the same for this one. To many, Blair is a velvet-voiced crooner who has been likened to heavyweight artists Nick Cave and the late David Bowie.

Blair's album 7 Blood is out August 24.