Protest movements over the economic and political policies of the Iranian government have increased over the past months. On average, there have been a total of 19 protest movements a day. Out of the 134 protests that took place during last week, there were 32 labour protests, 11 plundered protests, 3 retiree protest movements, 8 student protests, one teacher protests, and 45 other protest rallies and 3 hunger strikes by detainees.

The prominent feature of last week’s protests is the increase in the number of these protest movements, rising from 16 to 19 per day.

The demand of Iranian people is clear. They want regime change in Iran. It’s interesting to know that one of notable slogan the people chanted is: “Our enemy is right here; they are lying that it is in America!”.

Since 1979, when Khomeini invented the Islamic rule in Iran, he would tell the people that their number one enemy is America. So, this story has a background going back 39 years ago and now it’s going to reach the end.

Finally, as the curtains go aside the truth comes out that there is no enemy worse that the ruling dictatorship in Iran. Topping the messy situation of the mullahs in Iran, they will be coming face to face with Trump’s decision on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA),

JCPOA was a lie

Iran never made it up to the International Atomic Energy Agency as it declared to do so, before the nuclear deal took off.

This was meant to act as a benchmark to find the level of power Iran had to load a nuclear warhead. This was one lie and the other being that Obama never actually went out to get answers from Tehran. The closest his admiration got was Kerry admitting there being no fixated-on Iran specifically accounting them for what they did at one point of time.

Iran vehemently used the hundred billion dollars gained from JCPOA to credit terrorism in the Middle East and fund terrorist groups in certain places. Lots is being said about the nuclear deal with Iran. Suspicions go around as to where the money Iran received from the deal has been spent. These are all left to be answered but the JCPOA gave Iran two years to run its race with a losing horse.

Obviously a bad bet will have to result in failure. I suppose you could quote from Winston Churchill that Americans will always do the right thing — after exhausting all the alternatives.

It’s check-mate for Iran. You can see this from remarks on state TV. Shariat-madari, a close advisor to Iran’s so-called supreme leader said, which deal are you talking about, there is no agreement left to discuss whether or not to pull out of it. Zarif, Iran’s top negotiator gave a video message saying Iran will not outsource its security or renegotiate or add onto a deal it has already implemented.

The Alternative to the Iranian regime

The solid fact is that the people of Iran never chose for the JCPOA to be signed.

They knew it was a failure from the start. The main question is what’s to be the fate of Iran? Iranians believe in regime change and find their alternative in a democratic nation. This is what the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) vows to fulfil. Change can only be achieved by the hands of the Iranian people.

This is the exact message they have been sending across through their uprising of December 2017. The line of appeasement with the mullahs has burned out. Socrates said that the secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.