Thinking about how the world would be the day you leave might not be in your plans, but it is certainly something you should do; the moment you were born you became a part of many people’s lives and, on some occasions, when the Time to leave arrives, you will be able to realise that you did not get to do, nor say or give, everything you would have wished you could. Everyone may arguably have a personal list of reasons to keep them going and yearning for more.


It is believed to be the most powerful force in the universe. Own it and use it. Imagine you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, someone you are so deep in Love with but, suddenly, things ended and you get the feeling your world is falling apart right in front of your eyes.

In most of the cases, the answers to relationship's problems are there, just waiting to be seen.


Friends will accept you in spite of your flaws, they are not your enemy, in fact, you both could eventually have a common enemy -pride-thing. Whether you just had a big fight with one of your best friends and because of your arrogance, neither of you are willing to apologise, you should step forward and do it yourself, do not let the monster of ego kill something as beautiful as the mutual devotion that exists between you and your 'buddies'.


Anytime you are facing a particular problem, the only thing you find yourself being able to think about is your Future, but you do not get to take it as seriously as you should until you notice that life does not last as long as you wish it did.

One day you are here, and the next your best friend may not be, the one you said you loved the most is gone, or worse, you are the one who has been banished from this bittersweet and mad place.


Maybe, something we should do is imagine how the world would be after we are gone. All those lives you touched when you were alive are what really matters, your friends, your family, your beau; so try putting your ego aside and give hope another chance, you will not get anything good from being an arrogant person; say you are sorry before you notice you are running out of time, say ‘I love you’ right in the moment you think you are in love, do it now, because maybe tomorrow your loved ones, or you, will not be anywhere to be seen.

Most of all, say ‘thank you’ to your parents because, frankly, you would have been nothing if it was not for them and their tireless attempts in making you a better version of yourself.

The present is today and the past is just a song from yesterday; go ahead and breathe-in the unknown wonders that the future is saving for you.