It has been reported by a number of North Londoners that many so-called professionals are scamming under the guise of boiler repair companies. The affected folks have confirmed this, saying that these companies take advantage of the panic that homeowners are undergoing when the boiler malfunctions, to scam them into paying higher prices for substandard services or for not taking responsibility of damages stemming from their poor workmanship.

Mr. Ian, a 32-year old male and a resident of North London said that his boiler stopped working late in the night and he called a company that popped up when he searched for boiler repair near me.

He says the technician had him sign a form saying that this is to keep a record that you did hire us for the work. Mr. Ian says that his so-called high-quality repair didn’t last for a day despite being so costly and when he called the company, the company refused to perform any repair or even send out the technician saying that they are not responsible for damages resulting from repair work and that Mr. Ian agreed to this when he signed the contract.

Similar scamming reports have been received and I reached out to reliable heating engineers regarding how to avoid getting scammed. They suggested that for boiler repair in North London, people should screen the company they’re hiring by adhering to following tips;

Always check customer reviews

No boiler repair service that’s scamming people will have good reviews.

Therefore, make it a habit to check online for reviews prior to hiring any company for your boiler repair or maintenance.

Make sure you read before you sign

These scamming companies take advantage of the fact that many clients are in a hurry and don’t read what they’re signing. Instead of asking the company’s representative about what’s in the paper, read it yourself and never sign if you’re uncomfortable

Check for businesses that have experience

You’ll find a number of professionals that are locally based and have years of experience.

A local service provider has an actual office that you can visit if you have a problem and they are more concerned about their reputation as opposed to Internet-based companies that are scamming people.

Check for certifications

This is vital! No licensed and certified professional plumber will be out scamming people. Before you hire, make sure you get a list of their certifications and cross-check them online as well.

This way you’ll be sure that the company you’re about to hire has trained staff capable of working on your boiler.

Ask them what they will be doing

If the representative isn’t able to satisfactorily answer your question; show him/her the door. If you feel that the representative isn’t answering properly to this question or is giving you vague answers; don’t hire them. The sign of an experienced professional is that she/he will always provide you detailed answers about her/his line of action.

Consult your boiler manufacturer

They usually know professional plumbers who are experienced and provide exceptional boiler repair services. This way, you’ll also have the certainty that the person working on your particular boiler comes recommended by the boiler manufacturer.

Avoid door to door representatives

Ideally speaking, don’t call the plumber who dropped his card at your place the other day. If you want to, make sure you follow the above-listed tips to safeguard yourself.

While these tips can protect you from getting scammed, it is important to remember that scammers usually take advantage of our vulnerability. So, be smart and be cautious. Double check everything when you’re hiring professionals to avoid any mishap.

If you’ve been scammed as well, we suggest you contact the local authorities and provide them with the name, phone number and address (email or physical) of the scammers and be sure to voice your concern via reviews so that others can be protected from their scams!