As a first-time college student, one is confronted by the pathway to success. What it means seems pretty clear, but looking deeply, the path is neither comprehensible nor straightforward to follow. The role played by the professors, the successful model, is the more erudite and smart cast. However, nobody in this world is free of being an ordinary human, and it reveals that nobody is erudite and smart at all times. A student must face his professors as ordinary human beings, and sometimes it is a disappointment hard to manage.

Consequently, a student may ask: "Do I really want to be smart, erudite, and successful?" A “no” answer can be a way full of accomplishments, even though it doesn’t mean that joy is the pathway to college accomplishments.

Frustration is supposed to share a substantial time with academic life, henceforward perseverance and patience are necessary.

What is it standing upon?

We are living strange days, and It's not clear what these days are standing upon. The importance of professors has its roots in old Greece and the philosophers, who were always searching for the greatest knowledge without disturbances of ordinary-interests. They used to have many pupils, or currently speaking students, and the relationship between them was so deep that the latter commonly bathed their professors. Alternatively, the philosophers received substantial wealth from richer students. Whether it was bath, wealth, or everything else, the relationship between them was very close, and the professors, who never failed to attract respect and admiration, constantly made efforts to be the model of success that every student wished for.

Contrarily, the current professor aims for a monthly payment. No one is a sinner because they want a salary, which is necessary to survive, but it is not clear and it is a source of misunderstandings. For instance, if any professor is more concerned about his bank account than about his students learning, he might be fired, then he keeps lying about his concerns.

The lack of honesty is called hypocrisy, which is turning our days into strange days. What are these days actually standing upon?... Greek-philosopher...? British-pirate...?

Surely, nowadays most students are really concerned about finding the British-pirate's treasure. Even though somebody is still concerned about finding the cure for diseases, bringing equality to world's wealth-distribution, solving conflicts peacefully...

briefly, somebody is following the Greek-philosopher's pure knowledge.

When somebody attends college, he believes in accomplishing something great, and starts looking for any research free of ordinary-interests like money or social status; yet, everything is supposed to generate patents, and improve technology available in stores and advertised in media. "Professors might be apart from these ordinary-interests; they might be accomplishing something great", he thinks, notwithstanding, he finds another disappointment.

The main issue

He has to manage this disappointment taking forward his career in college, and also to assume that the college is not exactly what it was supposed to be. It is not a place of Greek-philosophers, nonetheless, a useful place for possible accomplishments.

The professors are neither Greek-philosophers nor British-Pirates; they are just human beings with ordinary-interests like bank accounts and social status. Finally, the Greek-philosophers lived in a remote time, and there isn't room anymore for them in these strange-days.

Somebody needs to be neither a Greek-philosopher nor an example of success. He just needs to be himself, and that is the main issue. Everything else has already been done. The path to success was previously defined. The Greek-philosophers and the British-pirates behavior is widely documented in history books. But now, to be yourself is a genuine story that has never been written by anybody else. In short, the main issue is hard to reach, notwithstanding, it is full of accomplishments.

The ingredients

To find yourself, whether inside yourself or elsewhere, is not an easy task to undertake, rather it is going to demand two ingredients:

1- To persevere and be patient.

2- to hone the rough stone.

The recipe

Following the latter ingredient, one understands that all disappointment, regarding either College as a place to accomplish something great or professors as Greek-philosophers, are not a disappointment at all. Neither are they exactly what one expected to be, nor oneself is exactly what expected to be. Then there is an open field to hone the rough stone, it means facing what College, professors and yourself really are, instead of what those are expected to be. By the way, all they are in a sort of honing process; everybody is writing a story, which may turn into accomplishments in college when mixed with the former ingredient.

The former ingredient is important because expectations and reality do not match very often, and possible disappointment is connected to it. But this emotional experience is not an insurmountable barrier. To persevere and be patient, regardless whether the college or professors correspond to expectations. To persevere and be patient even when everything doesn't work well as it was supposed to. To persevere and be patient because all above won't last for a long time; and despite the short span of disappointment, frustration, pleasure, and joyfulness, you need to keep going. And this is the complete recipe to undertake the task.