A year to the day after Donald Trump was victorious in one of the most unlikely outcomes ever in a US presidential election, it has been an eventful and unpredictable first year. The President has kept the world updated through an almost constant Twitter feed. He has battled with the press, with his own staff and with other world leaders. Was he the right choice? Well, here are seven reasons why he wasn't.

1. He runs the US like a giant corporation

Trump is a businessman, first and foremost and whether we like it or not he runs a billion-dollar enterprise with some success.

He is CEO of a huge corporation. Unfortunately, he came to the presidency with the belief that he could run the US in the same way. Not happy with someone, sack them; something not going your way, claim it isn't true; threaten your way out of trouble because you are bigger and more powerful than anyone else.

2. He has alienated himself from the press

From the get-go, with reports about the record turnout for his inauguration, Trump was determined that his version of events was going to be the one that was heard. He has used the terms 'fake news' and 'alternative facts' to denounce accounts reported in newspapers such as The New York Times and The Washington Post because they do not present him in a good light.

3. He has no clue about diplomacy

Trump's attitude towards North Korea has at times propelled the world closer to a nuclear attack than it has been in decades. His bombastic and belligerent approach has been cringe-worthy to witness and the 'Little Rocket Man' puerile name-calling has unseemly for someone in such high office.

When Syria used chemical weapons in the civil war Trump's response was to send 50-plus Tomahawk missiles.

4. Sexual harassment claims against him are still unanswered

4. In the current state of affairs, the likes of Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and many others are falling victim to historical claims of sexual abuse and harassment.

How is it that the president of the US remains untouched when claims from former 'Apprentice' contestants, beauty pageant contestants are still ongoing and a recording of Trump 'confessing' to these events has been heard?

5. He loves his golf

Playing golf is not a bad thing and indeed some very good deals can be made on the golf course according to many businessmen. But Trump likes golf a lot. He has played more golf in his first year since the election than any other president in history. Each weekend away to his Mar-a-Lago resort or similar costs the US taxpayers $20 million in his first 100 days.

6. Key White House posts are still unfilled

According to a report in the New York Times, in July of this year, there were still 114 posts unfilled at cabinet level, almost three times the amount Barack Obama had at a similar stage of his administration.

Why is this the case? Does Trump honestly believe that he is responsible for every decision that is made? Well, apparently he does. In an interview that aired on Fox News recently, he was questioned why so many posts remained unfilled, he replied, " Well, let me tell you, the one that matters is me." Given his lack of experience and knowledge, this can only be an exceptionally dangerous strategy.

7. His political incorrectness is boundless

He has, in his short time managed to offend almost everyone, from anti-N*zi groups clashing with the far right in Charlottesville to mothers grieving for sons who have lost their lives fighting overseas. He has insulted members of his own party, he continues to insult Hillary Clinton, He has upset survivors of hurricanes in Puerto Rico by reminding them of their debt to the US.

He has claimed mass shootings are a 'mental health' issue and NOT gun-related. He has called for American football teams to dismiss black players who 'take the knee' during the national anthem in protest against police violence. He has forgotten names of countries he is visiting and simply invented a new one, Nambia.

The list could go on. Nevertheless, Donald Trump, at this moment, is still the most powerful man in the world and he has over three years to go before his term of office concludes. What the next three years have in store is anyone's guess.