Let's be honest, who doesn't love Cats? When it comes to our little furry friends we would do anything to make them happy, because they make us happy.

So when you have a bad day looking at some pictures or videos of cats online can truly make a difference. But why? Is it their fluffy face? Their pink jellybean like paws? Or maybe their cute wet nose? Well, it's probably a combination of all these things and many others that make cats such lovable companions.

Cats can be goofy, or feisty, sometimes even scary if you catch them in a bad mood. But what's for sure is that we cannot live without the little pets.

Even people who do not own cats seem to have some sort of attraction and appreciation for them. So whether you are scrolling through Facebook and happen to stumble across a Cat video on your timeline, or sit at home and watch your kitty playing around, there is no doubt that witnessing the innocence of these creatures brightens your day.

Benefits of owning a cat

But the most important thing about cats is that they do have actual physical therapeutic effects, which have been proven scientifically. They reduce stress and anxiety by encouraging production of calming chemicals in the body. Cats reduce the risk of stroke and can even increase immunity and decrease the risk of allergies and asthma. The calming presence of a cat also helps reduce blood pressure while at the same time reducing cholesterol levels, which decreases the risk of heart diseases and heart attacks.

But cats are not only good for the physical being but also for the psychic. Cats improve sociability as they provide a companion to their owner. This companionship helps combat feelings of loneliness and prevent depression. Their calming effects help release oxytocin, which is strongly linked to feelings of love and trust. So cats can be extremely helpful to people dealing with bereavement, or people moving away from home.

Also, they are not high maintenance and can keep themselves occupied when their owner is busy or at work, so there is no stress caused by their up-keeping.

Environmental benefits of cats

And if all these reasons are not enough to convince you how amazing cats are, they also help reduce our carbon footprint, so they have environmental benefits too!

So yes, there are studies that prove how therapeutical cats actually are for humans and list the benefits of owning a cat yourself. But do we even need experiments and studies to tell us what we already know? Cats are amazing and the fastest way to achieving true happiness is by owning one.