Harvey Weinstein has opened a can of Hollywood worms and may I take this opportunity to applaud the ladies who have come forward to open this Pandora box. Equally important, is the especially refreshing revelations coming from some men, who are opening up about similar incidences on their road to fame. Bravo Terry Crews and James van der Beek.

Celebrities need to open up about these experiences

Why? because as long as they are quietly ignored, the victims' acquiesence paves the way for the next victim, and the one after that, and the one after that.

The problem grows proportionately to the silence that surrounds it. After all, when is a crime a crime? When you commit it or when you get caught? Whilst that is a morally debatable point, the fact remains that silence protects the perpetrator just as much, if not more, than the victim.

The whole world needs role models to stand up against perpetrators of sexual assault

One only has to cast a casual eye at the tabloids to know the awe in which celebrities are held. Whether we personally admire them or not, thousands of people do, and thousands of people model themselves upon said celebrities.

We need them to stand up and be counted, especially when it comes to encouraging victims of abuse to tell someone. To expose the bullies. To state that such behaviour is unacceptable to them, and by them, and therefore it should be the same for their fans, that is, Joe Public.

Deafening silence speaks volumes.

To the average woman who has been assaulted, it seems to them that the silence from men translates into the woman being undervalued by their own society.

A few good men

By emphasising and revealing their own trauma, Tony Crews and James van der Beek have validated every woman in the world who has questioned herself, doubted herself, doubted her actions and regretted her silence. When a man acknowledges that this kind of behaviour is unacceptable, it encourages women to reveal their experiences without the fear of being accused of having invited the assault, by wearing the wrong clothes or smiling the wrong way.

It reminds women that they are not weak or silly, but the victims of a predator. It is also a siren song that states that not all men condone this behaviour. That the assault is not her fault.

Bravo Mr Crews, you are a man amongst men. As are you, Mr van der Beek. The two of you have stood up for yourselves and in so doing, you have stood up for every woman in the world and we heartily applaud you for it with grateful hearts.