I’m fairly sure I am not qualified in comparing these two celeb Talent Shows, for one I’m not American and two, I try really hard not to be in a room on that has BBCs Strictly playing on a Saturday night.

The UK version of Dancing with the Stars has been going on for quite a long time now, so I have inevitably caught some of the series that have aired over the years. I’m not going to lie, I try not to watch it because a) the BBC are as corrupt as the CIA and b) it’s so addictive.

When you see celebrities in sparkly clothes, Dancing around, being judged by other celebrities, who essentially aren’t as famous as they are, or once was, you’re hooked.

Some of our favourite stars choose to go on to the two shows in both countries and from what I can tell, over here in Britain, it’s 99% of the time to boost a failing career in the spotlight.

I don’t have too much knowledge in Dancing with the Stars, and quite honestly, I chose to write about this topic because Sasha Pieterse has been waltzing around the stage over there.

Yeo, that’s right. I am unashamedly the biggest #PLL fan. My obsession with that show is something to write about later but it struck me that, although I have seen Sasha speak candidly about how her weight gain and dropping confidence lead to her not getting jobs after the success of Pretty Little Liars, she’s still a fairly massive star.

She’s talented and a still riding high in popularity over here.

So it got me thinking

Is the biggest difference between the UK and USA shows, not that America does everything super-sized, glitzier, with more glamour, bigger advertising and ratings.

But actually that the stars who have gone on to do DWTS go on it to boost an already successful career, or for personal goals and achievements, versus the Strictly line-up slipping into their dancing shoes to salvage some of their former fame and glory?

America has seen the like of Jada Pinket Smith and Nick Lachey storm the dance floor.

Strictly has had a line up including x-factor flop Alexandra Burke.

Maybe I am a little blindsided by America, as I said at the beginning of this article, I am unqualified to make any real judgement. Maybe the Stars I’ve in the US do I fact feel like DWTS is a stepping stone to clawing back some fame and fortune.

But as a Brit, America seems to offer these reality platforms for different reasons to Strictly. It appears to me, that it’s a boost to more current celebrities than the ones we see over here.

It makes me think America is more about promoting up and coming, or already successful people compared to the UK trying to bring back to life celebs who have, in so many cases, run the course of there fame.