It was August 12, 1967, in the Spanish Canary Islands, when a handful of veteran Scientologists joined what was and is still called, the Religious Order of the Scientology religion. Having started as a research project to go deeper and deeper on the findings L. Ron Hubbard did on the spiritual nature and origin of mankind, it was called the Sea Organisation.

Today it is formed by over 5000 members that administer and protect the purity of a religion serving growing millions of people in the world and that counts over 11,000 churches, missions and related social betterment groups in as many countries as the United Nations.

Gautama Buddha (ca. 563–483 BCE) created the bhikkhus and bhikkhunis (monks and nuns), and followers of Jesus Christ converted into some sort of monks and nuns who started to live together trying to imitate both Jesus and disciples. This form of monastic religious orders was called cenobitic (from the Greek koinos 'common' + bios 'life') and you can find more information explained by Prof. Frank Flinn on the report entitled The Sea Organisation and its Role Within the Church Of Scientology.

To enjoy a better life

Members of the Sea Organisation dedicate their life to serve as a Franciscan would do, or a Dominic or a Jesuit, or even as Buddhist monks and nuns. We dedicate our lives to the aims of Scientology so that the rest of mankind, being Scientologists or not, can enjoy a better life.

They (we) live in community, sharing our actions towards the aims of Scientology as described by Mr Hubbard: "A civilisation without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where Man is free to rise to greater heights, are the aims of Scientology".

Without calling for publicity these few thousands of Sea Organisation religious order members are responsible, following the directives laid down by L.

Ron Hubbard, and under the thoughtful and respectful guidance or our ecclesiastical leader Mr David Miscavige, are responsible for the relentless expansion of social programs such as those effectively addressing the problems of drugs, criminality, illiteracy, decrease of values, disrespect for human rights, and the always increasing lack of hope for millions and millions of people.

Advanced spiritual levels

Scientologists around the globe are thankful and proud of those Sea Organisations members who selflessly dedicate their time and efforts to improve the life of others through the different programs and through the careful administration of the most advanced spiritual levels that can be achieved through Scientology.

From my position as Director General of the European Office of the Church of Scientology for Public Affairs & Human Rights, I want to thank all these beings for all what they have done. I thank them for all what they are doing, and all what they will be doing to make this troubled world, a better place; for helping create a world in which children will not be drugged anymore by soulless companies and groups with vested interest, where children can learn and get educated not only by memory but through understanding in a way that will allow them to achieve their dreams; for a world in which elderly are properly taken care of with respect and dignity; and where their knowledge and successful experiences can be put to use by those children who will govern our world tomorrow, providing we are fast enough to let them the world which can still be properly governed and that creates well being for all of us independently of our beliefs and ideologies.

"You need to rest," some people tell us. "You need to look more for yourself," others say. It is true, as according to The Way To Happiness written by Mr Hubbard, one needs to "take care of self". However, I consider that by taking care of this fragile world (but full of life that has to be unearthed), we are greatly taking care of ourselves, without forgetting all our neighbours, as life is an all binding activity in which our actions affect everybody else's.

There is hope for life, there is hope for mankind, there is hope for you, providing we each do our task. I keep counting on you all.