It goes without saying that the child we were grows up making a place to the new person who we become. That's why we keep inside all our greatest moments, darkest fears, our joy and we don't really wipe away our childhood's mind because all of these, however trivial, have contributed to build a responsible and strong person that may fight to succeed in life.

Hope for the best, but expect the worst

After graduating from University in 2011, Idriss, my dearest friend, decided to move to the United States of America hoping to realise his dreams and find a decent job there.

Since his childhood, Idriss has always been an ambitious person. But, after his mother died in 2016, his life changed upside down. That fire in his soul perished, leaving him suppressed and chocked.

Fortunately, time healed up his wounds and made him stronger. I personally still remember those days when he would say : ''What doesn't kill you makes you stronger''. Now that he has gone through this dramatic experience, he really knows what this quote stands for.

Adventure Towards Success

Idriss decided to fight for his ultimate dreams and went to the USA. He was struck by new customs and habits, absolutely another life style and different states of mind. He met and mixed up with new friends from other countries.

What's more, he learned a lot about American culture. When I skype him, he always say that he enjoys his life there. He felt an enormous emptiness in his heart because his heart was broken into pieces after the death of his mother let alone the huge distance between his original country (Morocco) and USA. The distance badly affects his psychological status.

At night, when everybody goes to bed, he wakes up and go through the pictures of his mother holding him when he was a little kid; he simply tries to paint all his dreams with the colours of his mother's smiles. Yet, he misses his mother a lot, and needs her more than any other moment. He just find it too difficult to understand that his mother is gone for good.

Life without family support is unbearable

Personally, I will not dig deeply into these sad moments. In my opinion, life after graduation without family and friends is like being alone in the world. However, the fact is, we need to cut loose so as to be independent and discover the real meaning and the real face of life.

Idriss was very frustrated at the beginning, but now he got used to his new life. Nothing but trusting the destiny will allow one to stay positive and alive in their situation.

I am so happy to see my friend invaded by the success he made there because he finally realised his dreams, and I strongly hope that my fate produces a lot of great things for me too. However, for now, I just need to hold on and pray for the best, waiting for my moment to shine.