ivanka trump, Mother of 3 successful business women, actress and model looks like the perfect feminist icon.However, her undeniable accomplishments are overshadowed by her father's remarks on her and all women. Despite running part of Trump's multinational business Trump has stated it is perfectly acceptable to refer to his daughter as a piece of ass. He also complimented Ivanka on her role as a wife and mother whilst ignoring her business accomplishments and campaigns for Working Women.

Ivanka also had a large role in Donald Trumps political campaign

Due to Ivanka's role in Trump's campaign, it could be that we see her taking on a Quasi-First lady role. Despite this, she is often criticised just for being Trumps daughter. The most recent example was her $4,990 foil dress won to the Alfata club dinner. Many compared the dress to an emergency blanket worn by a refugee child. This criticism went alongside the outrage that Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner were enjoying a nice evening the same day as Trump imposed the Muslim ban. Despite this, there is clearly no connection and Ivanka and Jared have little influence and control over Trump's policies.

Ivanka is Overshadowed by her father

A number of criticisms shown towards Ivanka show that in fact she is overshadowed by Trump. However, these criticisms could be the want of the American citizens for Ivanka to have more of an influence on her father with regards to his comments and treatment towards women. Despite this how could Ivanka be called a feminist icon when she campaigns for a man whose views on women are extremist and have caused mass protests across the world.

Ivanka set up the campaign #womenwhowork

This campaign set up by Ivanka was originally designed on her website to promote other working mothers who run successful businesses. Ivanka claims that a modern women's life is multi-dimensional with women inevitably living different lives in different circumstances. Her campaigns promote that women can have it all, meaning a successful career and family.

Yet when looking at Ivanka's website and the campaign she only promotes women whose career has been built on privilege and money, similar to Ivanka herself.

Ivanka as a feminist trap

Although Ivanka is undeniable a successful woman with the potential to be a role model for many her success is based on a privileged agenda which dislikes untraditional working women. Ivanka, although successful, has inherited her success rather than building it from the ground like so many overshadowed and overlooked women.