There is nothing more basic to any free democracy than the free election of those who run the country. You may not like them, you may think they are stupid, or you may think they are saints but the choice has to be the free decision of the citizens of that country and not some foreign dictator who puts his thumb on the scale.

Russian hacking

The proof that the Russian government, not just some freelance hackers, but the actual government, tried to influence the U.S. presidential election, as they have repeatedly with Eastern European governments and probably also with the Brexit UK vote, is incontrovertible.

Don’t be misled by the President-Elect trump of the U.S. who has a verifiable record of lying any time it's in his interest to do so.

There is no question that Russia committed an act of war against the United States, and probably did so against the UK during the brexit election campaign. That doesn't mean any UK politician worked with Russia or Putin or that they wouldn't have won anyway, the mere attempt to influence is an act of war, whether or not it succeeds is immaterial, just as it doesn't matter if an armed attack succeeds.

It doesn’t matter if Mr. Trump would have been elected anyway and there is no evidence or even suggestion that there was a direct attempt, let alone any success in manipulating the poll numbers on election day, what matters is that Russia, at Vladimir Putin’s direction, attempted to sway the electorate by releasing anything in the least damaging to any of Donald Trump’s opponents.

Something more?

Unfortunately for President-Elect Trump, the more he denies, deflects, and calls this a meaningless witch hunt, the more it seems as if there might be something more to this than Putin’s one-sided attempt to meddle with a free election in a democracy. More and more as President-Elect Trump openly attacks the U.S.

intelligence community and openly supports and even praises the former head of Russia’s secret police it is beginning to look as if there might just possibly be more to this than meets the eye.

Over the years it has been Donald Trump's standard operating procedure to attack anyone who questions him in a blatant attempt to discredit them before they can get too deep into any investigation.

Could this be behind the current attack on every intelligence agency in the West? Is he afraid of what they will find if they probe too deeply?

With everyone except Mr. Trump and his paid staff coming forward to denounce the Russian interference with the U.S. election and many declaring outright that it was an act of war against the United States, it is time for President-Elect Trump to decide which side he is on.

Is Donald Trump positioning himself to be second in command of the former Soviet Union? Second to Vladimir Putin. Or is he going to be POTUS, President of the United States, and stop backing Russia in every way possible?

It's time for him to make his position clear, which country is he supporting?

Trump put on your big boy pants

Isn’t it time, just a few days before he takes the oath of office and becomes President, for the President-Elect Donald Trump to stop tweeting about the viewership of "The Apprentice", stop bragging about how much better he did than his replacement, stop denigrating the intelligence professionals who have kept him and his oh so wonderful properties safe from terrorists for decades, and start acting like Commander and Chief of what is by far the strongest country in the world?

Drain the swamp

There are laws requiring people who represent foreign governments to register as lobbyists. Has Mr. Trump considered this?

And, if this is all a misunderstanding, perhaps it is time for Mr.

Trump to disclose just how much money he owes to various foreign banks, including possibly Russian banks or Russian mafia?

Perhaps he doesn't have any foreign entanglements, but if not, isn't it high time to explain just what he owns and, more importantly, just what he owes and to whom he owes that?