One book became seven. Seven Books became eight blockbuster films. Eight blockbuster films became two real life wizarding worlds in Florida and London. All of that plus two more books, another film franchise and a constantly expanding website became a two-part play. Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, changed the muggle world, as well as the wizarding one.

One mind, at one moment, came up with a fantastic piece of fictional art which has changed the world. Everyone knows about the heroic trio and their snake-like foe. Everyone has a favourite book, character, and film.

Whether you're a fan or not, you know the story and you can't avoid the world created by JK Rowling.

She single-handedly made history with her words. She was down and out, lower than low and she managed to make a difference to herself, her family and society. If that doesn't give you hope, then I'm stumped.

Fiction is a powerful thing. It's an escape for those desperately seeking solace. It's a friend for those who need some support. It's a challenger, for those who have sunk into the depths of their own views. It can be life altering, or a simple way to pass the time.

When JK Rowling started mentally sketching out the plot of Harry Potter, I'm sure she had no idea what her life would become.

Which bodes well for you and me, that maybe we could make a difference too.

I won't be the only person who see JK Rowling as a role model. I'm an aspiring writer of both fiction and non-fiction, I have depression and I'm a woman trying to make it in a world shaped by men. She's overcome so much; I look at her success and dream of merely a fraction of that life.

The story of Harry Potter has shown the world the power that one person can have. In this circumstance, most would agree for good. As always though, this also means that one person has the power to change the world for bad.

Which is why we all need to relish in the importance of words. We have an endless dialogue of thoughts floating around our heads, and words, written down, help make sense of it all.

They help us to figure out what we really think. They help others to do so too. They give hope, opportunity, love, and knowledge.

JK Rowling has shown that women can change the world. She's shown that women are no less than men, and that every little girl out there can reach for her dreams, even in the worst of times. She's shown how you should be true to yourself, like Hermione, and to always be there for your friends like Ron.

There are still times where I want to curl up with my friends, Harry, Ron, and Hermione. I will never stop loving Molly Weasley kick butt in the Battle of Hogwarts. And I will never stop enjoying the incredible descriptions of the wizarding world.

But even though JK Rowling has made literally the world of difference, writing doesn't even have to be that broad.

If your words only help one person, then that's worth it and you've had an impact. You don't have to be a world-wide name. Every single one of us can, and do, in our own way, change our lives and the lives of others.

No surprise, I'm an avid reader of all kinds of books. They keep me in the moment, they inspire, they challenge and they cheer up. Words and reading is how we can continue to learn and grow. As I heard at the Hay Festival 2016, every book that you read is almost like soaking up someone else's life, experience, and knowledge. You become more than just you, you become others.

No one can deny that JK Rowling impacted the world, at the very least the western one. But whether it's a lot or a little, you can do the same. You can read, you can write, you can discuss. You can change the world too.