The UK MRHA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) has recognized that CBD has medicinal properties. Although this may seem like a small victory in the line of inevitable legalization of the drug; it has turned out to be quite the opposite.


CBD distributors have been given official notice to cease selling their products as it is to be regulated as a prescription drug. The twisted irony is that pro-legalization activists prayed for the day that Marijuana be seen as a medicinal drug that could replace the likes of anti-depressants, painkillers and anti-anxiety medication.


Users of this component of marijuana are now unable to obtain it due to this newly established enforcement that dictates the products must undergo a trial period despite the success, use and legalization of marijuana within the US. GW Pharmaceuticals may be at risk from this development as they currently monopolize the market for medicinal marijuana within the UK. Their silver lining of their development of Epidolex and current distribution of Sativex is somewhat tainted with the emergence of black through the bitter fact that prescriptions to these drugs are seldom given.


Instead suffering individuals are being weaned onto highly addictive, harmful and even life-threatening prescription drugs as opposed to the effective, side effect free nature of CBD.

One user of CBD stated:

“I’ve been 2 days without CBD and last night I had multiple seizures, and without my medicine i will continue to, how many people are being denied this herb? This medicine? Their right to be well?”- Cannabis Cure: My Epilepsy Story

This individual has been suffering from seizures for 34 years of his life, the one-month he had access to CBD was his only one spent seizure free.

His quality of life improved, his sleep amended and his energy throughout the day improved. How many more must suffer without legalization taking effect immediately? Prescription medicines continue to lead astray lost individuals with addictive personalities, harm those who take them and act as the forefront for any undereducated doctor unaware of the medicinal benefits of marijuana.