This quote has told me a lot lately. As a student in London, I followed the developments leading up to #Brexit for a long time, only to come home to an eventual merging of local authorities. In both situations there was a referendum. In my home town, we thought a merge was out of the question. In the strenuous effort, I tried to convince my peers in the small town that I come from that we are stronger together and that we should do what the UK most likely was going to: stand together. Unfortunately, my tea sipping friends did what I never thought would happen.

They voted themselves out of the EU.

Let the politicians do their job

Why did we let average Joedecide? There is a reason why we vote politicians into government. The most important factor is their ability to take harsh but correct choices in a difficult situation. I am not saying that the common man are incompetent, but "not enlightened" is probably true in many cases. After the vote in the UK, "What is the EU?" was one of the most searched phrases on Google involving the EU. What really scares me most is that 75 percent of the UK population between 18-24 years voted to remain in the EU, and yet they must now leave the union because people long past menopause would not listen to them. They got the last word, and the community was diminished.

Those who wanted this are not the ones who bear the brunt in the long run.

Solidarity goes beyond nationality

We should be able to think more internationally in 2016. After only one year in London, I have gotten to know a sense of unity that goes way beyond nationality. The feeling that we are a unity that transcends national boundaries, religion or belief, with greater focus on equality and seeing the individual human being to whom it is.

It is such thinking that has made me love London so much, but then again, it was not London that disappointed - the majority of the British capital voted for continued membership. The same happened in other major cities, as well as Scotland.

Lets stick together

A gust of nationalism is spreading through Europe right now. How the world is today, put both countries and communities at test.

If there is a time we need to stick together, it is now.That was precisely why the EU was founded, so the European countries couldmake steady agreements amongst themselves. One would become so interdependent that it would never be necessary to go to war again. And so far, it has worked. But after Brexit Europe risks losing everything they have worked for, and are being guided towards a more right-wing society.

Many #Bregrets

"The world needs joint solutions", the Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg said in her speech right before #Brexit happened. And already we see that many people on the #Vote Leave side regrets. Hashtags like #Bregret has occurred and there is complete chaos and disunity within the country.

Scotland wants to become independent from the rest of Britain, and the citizens of London are furious. There are even encountered a proposal of "Scotlond". Britain messed up, and must now suffer along with the rest of Europe. And who will be the next to go? France? Spain? I hope this is not the end of a united Europe.