Facebook is still the reigning social media network and the unfriending trend is getting ugly. In the US elections alone there has been a lot of unfriending going on as shown in this article. In the Philippines, some Facebook users who study in the top schools have posted on their wall that if anyone favors Marcos to be buried in the cemetery for heroes, they will unfriend.

There are now a group of students and professionals mostly coming from well off families who are now going to a rally to go against the burial of the late President Marcos at the libingan ng mga Bayani.

(Heroes' Cemetery). Some spectators believe this can also be a plot to oust President Duterte and have current Vice President Leni Robredo to take his place instead.

Before and after Trump

Before and after Trump was elected president of the United States there was an unprecedented opposition that has gone viral as well. Somehow the political leaders of this year have drastically changed in terms of the way they handle their respective nations when you compare to their previous counterparts. US Donald Trump, the Philippines' President Duterte, and Russia's Vladimir Putin as well.

These leaders seem to have an iron hand in common , a great following as well and a vocal opposition at the same time.

Indeed we live in a newsworthy time where a lot of excitement and tension is going on.

Unfriending due to politics

With regards to the unfriending due to Politics, I think this is a nasty trend. We should instead agree to disagree and respect each other's beliefs. I am hoping the nastiness stops and more respect permeates in Social Media.

We should start being good examples and learn to understand each other more.

Politics should be a healthy discussion instead of something that will cause more division. It seems to be so petty for people to stop their relationships and avoid people that they have been associated with just because of political differences.

Have a great thanksgiving celebration. There is a lot to be thankful for!