happiness is an emotion that is defined by billions of people. It has a unique definition to each person and what brings happiness is totally different for each person.

Happiness is defined of feeling joy, contentment and being fulfilled.

I'm going to explore the many things that bring happiness to each life stage.

I’ll give you a list of 3 major reasons which make kids happy:

  1. They have a routine which is protected

Kids will have a routine of a parent or parental figure that will make sure that they have a protected routine. They get up in the morning with a meal that is prepared for them by people they trust.

They then will be taken to any educational institute where the same routine is provided. They learn the same things as everyone else their age, absorbing information from someone they can trust. Essentially there are no nasty unexpected things that would happen.

  1. They get to express their emotions

Fear, happiness, pleasure and excitement. Kids are able to express themselves freely with their emotions. They are not confined or conditioned to think in a certain way. They get to learn how to express themselves in a healthy environment. To be able to express themselves in this manner allows them to harbor what truly makes them happy, sad, angry, pleasure and excitement.

  1. Creative freedom

Kids have an amazing imagination.

They create these wild stories in their head of what they will be when they grow up, from a firefighter to a space-Man/Woman. Kids will be able to let their mind go free with thoughts that can naturally promote happiness which is great. They learn over time that by building these dreams in their head, over time they will be much happierthen an adult who has been driven down by life.

Now we are getting into teens. Teens have learned a lot from their childhood and slowly shaping into the adult that they will become. The many things that previously brought them happiness as a child are now gone.

Below is 3 top defining factors which contribute to happiness for teens:

  1. Sense of responsibility

Teens now have a sense of responsibility to their own life in many ways.

They are able to decide if they want to drive, what courses they want to study and who they want to start a relationship with. With each decision they make, if they go in their favor then they will have a sense of happiness with the decisions they make. All those hours spent learning how to drive a car, then passing your test, the overwhelming joy when that girl you liked, likes you back all builds up a teens happiness.

  1. Earning your own money

Personally when I started to hit my teens asking my parents for money felt like a bad thing after a while, which is why it was best that I got a part time job. Having that extra money which you worked for gave me a sense of achievement; I was filled with happiness that my work was rewarded.

I was able to meet up with friends and buy the things that I always wanted. It gave me a new sense of responsibility, I was the captain and I was going to govern what was going to happen in my life, what make me happy.

  1. They get to make choices

As a child, you are confined with what you can do. Let’s be honest, it is a good thing because if you saw a 6 year old driving a car, it would turn a few heads and would be dangerous. As a teen, you are exposed to the world a little more and you get to experience the choices you make in life. They can bring a tremendous amount of pleasure and happiness or it can make them worried or a little lost. However, hopefully with the guidance of friends and family, they will learn with life experience.

As an adult, you learn to be yourself hopefully, you achieve what you wanted to achieve in life and pass on your genes, where you kids will find their own happiness.