These images are offensive to look at and if they upset you, well I'msorry, but the truth hurts as they say.

I'm not here writing and posting this with a random will to offend people. I'm actually doing so because I / We care, we care enough to get you upset, perhaps you'll be upset with us for upsetting you.

But shocks are remembered, it means action maybe taken to stop any of this happening to You, friends of yours, your Children, their children.

Bungees are proven to be dangerous and I'm going to keep saying that as I've saidbefore. Government reports have acknowledged this fact but due to no alternative they just decided to put more and larger warnings on the labels.

"Do not stretch to more than 50% of its length"

"Safety Goggles must be worn at all times"

You know the sort of thing, same as cigarette packets. Basically, its your fault if you use these items.

If you have read this then I'm really pleased, it shows you have the eyesight to do so.

1,000s every year lose all or part of theirs due to Bungees, occy straps, shock cords, elasticated luggage straps.

Talk to anybody about bungees and they will all agree they are dangerous!

Somebody will just say negative advertising. I Don't care about that. Its a message that people need to see. Share it please.

We are trying to get momentum into a quick and easy, safe way for people to use ropes without tying knots, that means they don't have to use bungees anymore.

Bungees were first used around 1938.

We aren't in anyway against people learning how to tie knots, but that's a skill that is not learned by everyone.

People have proven that they don't want to learn how to tie knots for nearly80 years, so that's the problem, the answer is the What Knot. So strong the same material can be used to make replacement metal parts.

Tie and untie ropes from 3 - 15mm in less than 6 seconds. Tie anywhere along a ropes length,. Tie and untie under tension. Tested to hold over 600 kg before the rope slipped, it didn't break!

The What Knot is the next new invention to set the world alight with simplicity and great design made from superb materials. Its so good that we give them a lifetime warranty.