Subhash Kapoor, a supreme chronicler of social prejudices, have taken to task the 'Khap Panchayat' in his recent work 'Guddu Rangeela'. The movie stars Aditi Rao Hydari, Amit Sadh, Arshad Warsi and Ronit Roy. Kapoor has, therefore, done a 'fine' job by bringing to light a serious issue like inter-cast marriage opposition. But, what is not fine is Kapoor's 'consistent lack of inconsistency' to hold a grasp over the genuinely sharp narrative.

The Plot

Guddu and Rangeela, played by Amit Sadh and Arshad Warsi, are cousins who try to make both ends meet as orchestra singers by the day and crime informers by the night.

They juggle between life and death to pay for a case that Rangeela is fighting against Billo (Ronit Roy) for the past ten years. What is the case? Only, the time will reveal. With the help of an underworld's PR guy, Guddu and Rangeela kidnap a girl - who's deaf and mute. It turns out that the girl (Aditi Rao Hydari) is neither deaf nor mute.

The Lows

It is sad... very sad… that the heart and soul of the movie remains hidden under a carpet for over ninety minutes - and the thirty minutes that it takes to divulge are 'outlandish'. The proceedings unveil with a brisk alacrity, with few glitches here and there, until first ninety minutes. But, the last thirty minutes did it all - unnecessary hurls, twists and subplots mar the soaring impact of the movie to an extent that it bites the dust.

I was left cringing on the seat that in what direction is Kapoor steering the ship. I also felt that the romantic buildup between Hydari and Sadh was a bit forced. The song Sooiyan, sang by Arijit Singh and Chinmayi Sripada, is melodious and beautifully shot, but the placement of the song deters the impact of an already confused and entangled storyline.

The finale left a lot more to be desired - making it fall into one of the commercial type of 'masala' movies that are made to garner 'claps and whistles' and mint 'money' at the box-office. It was a 'gentle let-down' by Kapoor.

The Highs

Actors, actors and actors - are the life and soul of this movie. From Hydari's strong hold over top-notch facial expression while walking out of the kitchen only to reveal her intentions behind the master plan to Warsi's masterful and consistent grasp over the dialect, 'Guddu Rangeela' soars in terms of acting.

Sadh - one of my favourite among the young clan - looks confused in the beginning, with flailed dialogue delivery. His inconsistent grasp over the dialect was evident in the initial sequences. Then as the movie unfolds, he picks up by getting a hold over his diction and body movements. Overall, it was not an endearing but a partly refreshing act.

Roy performed well. He never disappoints. No matter what role is offered to him, he oozes into the skin of the character with finesse. Kapoor's slapstick peculiarities were evident every now and then - spread throughout the movie. What I like about Kapoor is that he gives ample space to all characters to perform and leave a lasting impact. A bow to Rajeev Gupta, Brijendra Kala and Dibyendu Bhattacharya.


'Guddu Rangeela' is plagued by its erratic storytelling, and its failure to fall in a particular genre - a comic adventure, a revenge story or a social drama. Still, 'Guddu Rangeela' has a lot going in its favour, particularly, the sequences when it makes you giggle to provide comic-relief.