The current global talk currently revolves around ISIS as well as a number of other terrorist type of groups who are making an increasing impact around the world.

However whilst the world is looking at how to build a combined method of dealing with ISIS and talks of eight year long wars are leaking out and the Western world is risking jumping into the wrong alliance in a disparate attempt to stave off these extreme fighters are we not risking taking our eye off the ball elsewhere?

Iran let us not forget are still constructing nuclear capabilities that once fully developed will turn the tide of power in the Middle East comprehensively their way.

America and her allies are already in a position where you have to assume that they have calculated that any attack on Iran would fail and the repercussions from the various Iranian sleeper cells would be severe so with China and Russia consistently blocking economic sanctions or trying to against Iran and more evidence growing of joint Military operations via small news items in the newspapers of which the most recent this week revealed a joint Iranian/Chinese training exercise on Iranian land very recently.

I would imagine that the prospect to America and her allies of a joint force of Iran, China and Russia would be alarming, already Iran are emerging as the coming power in the Middle East, it is their forces that the Americans appear keen to involve in Iraq to help defeat ISIS.

It is their forces who have aided the Syrian forces to maintain power in Syria and it is their funded and trained Hezbollah forces who also have been key players in Syria and who I recently saw judged as now holding the capability of a fully trained medium sized army who would defeat most current armed forces in the world today and they remember are only an offshoot of Iran.

It is also judged seemingly that Hezbollah once they have finished their work in Syria and defending Lebanon against ISIS possess enough of a military capability to mount a sufficiently strong attack on mainland Israel that they could permanently occupy a substantial area of Israel territory and Israel forces would not be capable of removing them.

Over in Russia of course the 'secret' war on Ukraine continues, Russia with their renewing military might and aggression are you feel caught at the moment between a full on assault of Ukraine which would inevitably lead to a comprehensive defeat for the Ukrainians or playing a more cautious game of cat and mouse.

Either way they have proven that not only is Ukraine ripe for the taking but the Western world again lacks either the will or the capability to deal with a full on Russian advance. If you add to that how much of a grip on European Gas supplies the Russians hold and the fact that it is highly unlikely that America possesses the means (or will) to defend Europe, it paints a worrying picture.

Recent military exercises for NATO involving a few hundred men are hardly encouraging, at the same time the Russians were holding a similar exercise involving tens of thousands of men!

China for their part have arguably in certain respects already passed America as the World's biggest and most powerful economy. This brings them certain advantages in terms of military might, Not only does it enable them to increase their spending and move ever closer to that of America but it buys allies. They have formed the close ties with the increasingly powerful Iran and Russia as discussed but China have also practically bought most of Africa, bailing many of the African nations out of debt and making them financially subservient to the Chinese government, effectively putting China in position of ownership of those many nations.

If you finally tally in North Korea who recently have outwitted the joint South Korea/America alliance by flying a drone over the South Korean capital, by sinking a South Korean warship leaving several dead and more direct and confident threats are we not seeing the potential global dangers?

Time will tell and ISIS are clearly a major threat but let's keep our eyes watching everywhere!