Glasgow 2014. The Commonwealth Games in Scotland closed last weekend with a fantastic closing ceremony. The appearance of Lulu and Kylie was as expected great. And there were many other stars taking part. And of course  the marching bands with the bagpipes were spectacular and made it a unique Scottish experience. But the real stars were the competitors from all over the world. There has been some great sporting achievements, the full range of emotions from record breaking performances, personal bests, disappointment and the emotions on the faces of people who were just so proud to take part in an event.

The honour of representing their country.The stirring emotional music written to be played just before a medal ceremony deserves to become a regular anthem for events across the world. Spectacular in all areas and the future in sport is so vibrant and positive. The young Scottish schoolgirl swimmer who won a medal; her smile summed up the Commonwealth Games and all that it stands for. The medals are important and the total number of medals won for each country will be studied. But the achievements of the Glasgow event should not be counted just in medals and times. This is peace and unity and what the world needs more of. Glasgow citizens should be proud of their city and now they will have some wonderful facilities in the second city of Scotland.

Good events, great organization but most importantly they have put Scottish hospitality on the map.

Glasgow is so often the poor relation to Edinburgh but this time Glasgow did themselves proud. All the facilities were ready on time, the events worked and the weather was manageable. It will leave a great legacy for the city and for Scotland.

So what next for Scotland? Time will tell; after the hype of the Games then comes the Golf, of course, and then the vote on independence. One thing that was really visible at the games is the unity yet the individuality of all the countries taking part. Shouldn't these events unite countries and celebrate the diversity of cultures? Celebrate the difference but strengthen the friendship across the world. Glasgow deserves a gold medal in recognition of a job well done. Australia in four years time has a hard act to follow.