With the introduction of a new system developed by the Center for Railways Information Systems, Indians can now look forward to a new way of booking e-tickets at the satisfying speed of 7200 tickets per minute.

The Indian Railways on Wednesday launched its new system of booking e-tickets to rid the population of the country of the long practiced and exasperating protocol of booking through the IRCTC website. Crafted from a budget of almost 180 crore rupees, this new system will allow 120,000 users to book tickets simultaneously, thus going steps ahead of the previous 40,000 users capacity.

The Indian Railway minister, Sadanand Gowda, seemed immeasurably satisfied with the launch of this venture, and even applauded the government fast working pace. He even guessed that at the rate the present Indian Government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is progressing, they might be able to fulfill all of their promises and proposed budget plans before the commencement of the next budget year. The Rail budget itself was proposed in the parliament roughly two months ago and had included a clause on the introduction of a faster e-ticketing system.

The new system comes as a significant improvement over the older one, in which travelers had to book tickets from the IRCTC website, the official site for the Indian Railways. IRCTC had a booking capacity of only 2000 tickets every minute, allowing only a mere 40,000 users to work at any given point of time.

Apart from the new system, Indian Railways also launched a new train inquiry mobile application and the Go-India Smart Card. Cash prizes of Rs. 5 lakhs and Rs. 2.5 lakhs were also announced for the CRIS and the IRCTC respectively. Gowda also introduced online systems for e-demand and e-diversion, making booking wagons and paying bills without taking the trouble of getting in line for counters.

He also speculated on the launch of a system based on optic fiber cable network to provide education to the children of railway officials.  #Internet