It’s been three months since the nation voted Narendra Modi as Prime Minister in a humungous display of faith and trust in a single man. India believed that for the first time after Jawaharlal Nehru they had a “leader” in the true sense of the word. But ever since his victory speech in Vadodara after his record-breaking and record-making victory, the verbose Narendra Modi fell silent. This was quite unnerving for all those who had become used to hearing him almost 24/7 across all TV channels for close to six months (give or take a few months to this number). It was Modi’s vision that India believed in. It was Modi’s mission that the country had voted for. It was Modi’s clarity and direction of development that the nation overwhelmingly supported. It is the norm that the Prime Minister addresses the nation on the Independence Day, August 15. People were waiting eagerly to hear him again. What was expected was a litany of projects undertaken or executed in the past three months.

On August 15, Narendra Modi gave an epic speech on from the Red Fort to the country. His speech of impressive, invigorating and inspiring. All those who were getting disappointed after three months of the election results were filled with hope and belief once again. Modi belied expectations. In an eighty-four minute speech (the second longest address by a Prime Minister on Independence Day – the longest was Nehru’s speech), Modi spoke about safety, women, gender ratios, e-governance and many other issues, including, and very importantly, cleanliness. He appealed for a change in mindset from parents towards the girl child and also enlisted parents in creating a safer environment for women by keeping a check on the boys. He sent out an entreaty for the end of violence. He officially announced the end of the dinosaur, The Planning Commission.

It is not possible to capture everything he spoke about but it is possible to capture the mood it gave going by all the posts on Facebook and in other social media – people felt rejuvenated with hope – once again. The effect has been electric. This brings me to a moot point: Modi really needs to engage with the country more often. To sustain the belief that has been reposed in him, Narendra Modi should address the Nation at least once a month. In absence of communication from him the mood dissipates rather quickly.

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