The conflict between Israel and Palestine is one of the few topics which I try to avoid discussing. The causes go deeper than the creation of the state of Israel and the solution will take longer than the conflict itself to be put into place. On a personal level, I find it difficult to talk about, as naturally I try and find out who is right and who is wrong. However this view over the past month has changed almost daily.

At first I believed Israel was right to protect itself. Regardless of the severity of Hamas attacks. However then the numbers started coming in and they began to rise.

As of the 6th August the UN believes that 1, 843 civilians have been killed. I understand that in war there are civilian casualties. It is a horrible fact, but a fact nonetheless. But even then my point of view would keep changing with each day.

Then there was the attack of the UN run school. Education is one of the long term solutions to reducing poverty in Gaza this is one of the only long term solution which possibly would lead to a more sustainable peace. This is because poverty creates social unrest and racial tensions. This in turn leads to conflict. So surely an end to the economic blockade would be a step towards peace?

Then I started thinking more about this. Israel has never received any condemnation for its economic blockade from the United States who is the Israelis biggest backer.

The USA also is the state usually involved in brokering ceasefires between Israel and Hamas, and this is where I believe the problem is. 

The USA cannot be a mediator in this conflict while it is so closely tied to Israel. Instead maybe it is time for something different. The complete removal of either Palestine or Israel is not a solution, that would only cause more serious problems. 

Lets also be cleared that an embargo of arms on Israel is also not the solution, the fighting would still resume.

This would only hurt the economies of the UK and the USA.  

The UN cannot be relied upon to oversee the peace process either. With the USA being a permanent member of the security council it is too in favour of Israel. 

Therefore then regional partners should step forward as mediators. The only truce which has held so far in this recent conflict is the one brokered by Egypt.

Who after the election (free or not) of President Sisi, is not the enemy of Israel like it once was but neither is it an ally of Hamas. This means that Egypt could play a key role in being a truly neutral mediator in this conflict. Western states should step back from negotiations and instead focus on providing humanitarian assistance to any who need it. 

I understand that this is a difficult subject which brings forward some very passionate views. I am neither pro-Israel or pro-Palestine. This is something for the people of the Middle East to resolve, there has been too much Western interference in the Israel-Palestinian conflict.