One year ago yesterday, 22-year-old ISIS terrorist Salman Abedi walked into the foyer of the Manchester Arena during an Ariana Grande concert with a homemade explosives device and detonated it, killing 23 people including himself. Now, in order to remember those who died on the anniversary of their deaths, crowds have gathered in Cathedral Gardens for a group sing-along of Grande’s song “One Last Time.”

Among the other songs included in the sing-along was, of course, the Manchester anthem that is Oasis’ “Don’t Look Back in Anger.” A huge sign at the event read, “Always Remember. Never Forget. Forever Manchester.” There was also a long, uproarious round of applause as a moment was taken to remember the victims, which poet Tony Walsh noted was “what love sounds like.”

Bells rang at St. Ann’s Church to mark the exact moment

The bells in St.

Ann’s Church in Manchester were rang at the exact moment that the explosion took place to honour the memory of the 22 people who died. A new BBC Two documentary, “Manchester: The Night of the Bomb,” has been produced and aired to mark the first anniversary of the suicide bombing. The Guardian’s review of this documentary has called it “positively haunting” and yet ultimately “inspiring,” which is everything you would want it to be.