Charlie Gard’s parents have given up hope that an experimental treatment in the United States could save their terminally ill baby, after the legal system’s working to help him took too long and now it’s too late and Charlie has run out of time. Charlie will soon be taken off his life support machine at the Great Ormond Street Hospital, so his parents are spending their “last precious moments” with him.

According to the lawyers representing Charlie’s parents, Chris Gard and Connie Yates, are hoping to spend as much time with Charlie as they can before he is taken off life support.

Yates gave a statement claiming that her baby son is going to die, simply due to time that was “wasted” by the courts in a five-month legal battle, during which nothing was being done to save him.

Charlie will not live to see his 1st birthday

Charlie’s parents have made the incredibly difficult decision to put an end to their legal battle and abandon hope that they can save their son’s life. Now, they are spending their “last precious moments” with him before he dies. The exact time that the life support will be switched off has not been disclosed by the hospital, but the baby will not live to see his 1st birthday on 4 August.