A potentially exciting addition to southport's Leicester Street has surfaced. Sefton Council approved an alcohol license for the premises earlier this year and a new bar has opened up - sure to be a destination for hipsters and music lovers alike.

Southport company Ends of Entertainment Ltd are behind the welcome addition to the street, a new organisation that set up earlier this year. The new bar could see a revival of Leicester Street; once a popular part of Southport, there are several empty units by the Bar 45.

Leicester Street's saving grace?

The largest unit on the block was previously occupied by Pizza Express before the restaurant moved further down the road - Lord Street, to be more specific. The unit that Bar 45 now occupies was a restaurant just a few years ago that was a staple in the community for 26 years.

The Little Gourmet was a popular restaurant with the people of Southport but was closed down because of the tragic passing of co-owner Dave Scutt. Dave and his wife, Audrey, had opened the business over 20 years ago but Mrs Scutt couldn't run the place on her own and it shut in 2013.

A new experience for Southport

Bar 45 offers customers live music, acting as a bar and cafe by serving both alcoholic and caffeinated drinks but also giving customers the chance to purchase vinyls - presumably the ones that they also play themselves.

The music on offer ranges from folk to pop but it's all easy listening, a hard-rocker nor a gangsta rapper wouldn't be found thrashing about in Bar 45.

A good thing, really. A lot of the live performances you'll see there are usually the singer(s) and their guitar(s) - think Ed Sheeran sitting on a stool in a relaxed bar and you're 150% of the way there.

Obviously music is the main focus of the bar, but there is also a comedy night which is expected to begin soon. As there are currently no acts listed on their website, it may end up being an open mic sort of deal which can often be even better.

Liverpool performance artist Nicole Hardman has already performed at Bar 45, posting this message on Facebook:

For more updates on the bar, check out the Southport Visiter and Bar 45's website and Facebook Page.

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