This is not the first story of an e-cigarette explosion but this one was caught on camera. A man in Calgary, Alberta Canada was severely burned and has told his frightening story. Terrance Johnson and his wife Rachael Rex had just finished having dinner at a restaurant and was leaving when something in Johnson’s back pocket exploded and his pants were on fire.

E-cigarette explosion caused third degree burns

Johnson says he was talking to his server after enjoying a great meal at the restaurant when he heard the explosion and saw flames. It was the loose backup battery for his e-cigarette that had come into contact with coins in his pocket.

The explosion caused the battery to fuse to his pants and his jeans to burn, melting his underwear to his skin. He tried desperately to put out the fire and in so doing he got first and second degree burns on his hands. He has suffered third degree burns on his thighs.

A state of panic

At first, Johnson thought it was his cell phone. He said he had heard about the actual e-cigarettes exploding but not the battery. In a state of panic, he managed to undo his belt and pull his pants down. He put his burned hands in a snow covered flower pot while he waited for EMS. He recalls the excruciating pain he endured as he waited for help. He credits the waiter at the restaurant for keeping him calm in the aftermath of the explosion and fire.

Recovering from burns

With third degree burns on his thigh and first and second degree burns on his hands, Johnson was taken to the Foothills hospital where he was treated and released but he is having ongoing treatment for his burns. He has a long journey ahead of him as he is recovering from the burns and will require skin grafts for the burns on his thigh.

To complicate matters, he will be unable to return to work for awhile. For now, he says he will stay away from the E-cigarettes.

Safety warnings

Johnson claims there were no safety warnings on his e-cigarette package. However, a look at the company's website, Efest Power, list warnings against putting batteries in one's pocket or mixing batteries with metal objects. A cautionary tale for all E-cigarette users.