The causes may be numerous and may be due to lack of hygiene, fungal and / or bacterial infection or excessive perspiration. The problem is compounded by the lack of hygiene, leading to proliferation of bacteria and fungi. Excessive sweating may also be related to diseases like hyperthyroidism, diabetes and obesity. But Although uncomfortable, there are measures that help alleviate this stench. So, check out the 10 Tips to end the foot odor.

1. Look Wash your feet with care: Feet should be washed with a sponge or loofah and soap. The spaces between the fingers need an extra dose of attention, because it is there that bacteria like to stay.

Rub well all in vain.

2. Rub your feet: The goal is to remove dead skin cells from your feet. This way you will stop providing food for Brevibacteria. So wash your feet with an antibacterial soap. Thus, when taking a bath, taking time to completely exfoliate the feet with the aid of a cloth, pumice or brush. Also rub between the fingers.

3. Dry your feet: The moisture or sweat or water, is responsible for bacteria breeding. So dry your feet thoroughly, including the space between the toes is important to end the foot odor. Also, use two pieces of toilet paper (one for the right foot and one for the left) to wipe the spaces between the fingers - the towel does not absorb as much moisture as it and, anyway, is usually wet when it comes instead of dry feet.

A drying well done is half way to prevent the housing and the proliferation of bacteria.

4. solution of vinegar and alcohol: Make a mixture of normal and isopropyl alcohol vinegar in equal proportions. Ping to every day (use an eyedropper) on and between the fingers and irritated skin of the feet and spread. Both products are harmless to your skin, but the vinegar kills the yeast and alcohol inhibits or kills bacteria.

It also helps end nail ringworm.

5. Use antiperspirant: Believe me, the antiperspirant used underarm helps reduce perspiration of the feet. Thus, the foot odor over. Pass the antiperspirant before bed and let dry.

6. Use talcum powder or baking soda: Rub your feet with talcum powder, it acts as an astringent to keep feet dry.

In addition, sodium bicarbonate is anti-bacteria, so it helps to end the foot odor.

7. Keep your clean, dry shoes: When you get home, take off your shoes and keep them open to dry completely overnight. Never keep them in a closet. If possible wash them occasionally, but make sure they dry completely before using them.

8. Do not reuse socks without washing them: It is essential, both for the cleaning of the foot as a whole. After used, the half carry at least bacteria from outside (in the case of legs having been kept clean and dry). If they are not washed, the cause of the stench spread through the tissue and can get in the next use, the spaces between the fingers. It is there that the sweat tends to concentrate.

Result: foot odor.

9. Insole against foot odor can help: These insoles are made of a material that absorbs moisture. This process helps prevent foot odor.

10. Choose shoes that do not "choke" the feet: leather and fabric (the surface on the lining, the insole and the outsole) are the best materials for shoes with respect to avoid body odor because they allow sweat evaporates more easily. And the more open or cracks the model, the better. Avoid very closed shoes and synthetic materials such as rubber and plastic. They stimulate sweating and retain all the moisture of the feet, giving ideal conditions for the emergence of bad odors.