The city of Edinburgh today paid tribute to the tragic death of a six-week old child, a baby it has taken to its own. The funeral took place nearly two years after the baby was found wrapped in a blanket on a canal path in the Seafield area of Edinburgh on the 28th July 2013.

When found, the boy was described as being well-fed and loved. Police believe that the mother would have hoped that he would be discovered and taken into a loving home. This wish however failed to materialise and the baby's identity is yet to be discovered. The police are no further in their search to find the boy's mother either.

Having committed such a desperate act, there are fears surrounding her mental health.

Over 200 mourners

The police, fearing that no-one would attend the ceremony, urged the local community to come out and pay their respects. A notice was placed in the Scotsman giving details of the time and location of the funeral.

More than 200 people turned out to honour the child from a broad cross-section of the population, including local politicians, mothers who themselves had lost Children and even leather-clad bikers from the Royal British Legion. When interviewed on BBC's 5 Live, the biker's representative said that they too were fathers and wanted to show their solidarity to the unknown child.

The baby was dressed in clothes, hand-made by a representative from Angel Wings, a charity that supports mothers who have lost a child through miscarriage, stillbirth or early death. The moving ceremony was presided over by Reverend Erica Wishart and took place at the Seafield Ceremony. Reverend Wishart called it a "tragedy that surely touches everyone who hears about it.

All of us who gather here today are grieving."

Tiny white coffin

The baby was carried in a white coffin, small enough to be carried by a single bearer. A lone piper played Amazing Grace and a plaque was placed on the coffin bearing the inscription "Known to God. Precious little angel." The audience was moved to tears as the child was lowered to his final resting place in the ground.

At the ceremony, police handed out leaflets giving details of the original incident, together with the Crimestoppers number, in the hope that it may jog someone's memory. If anyone has any information about the whereabouts of the boy's mother, they can call this line anonymously on 0800 555111 FREE.