In China, a woman gave birth to a baby girl on the floor of a high-speed railway station waiting room. The woman was waiting for a train on the platform of the Hebi East Railway Station as she went into labour. Passers-by and the railway staff rushed the woman on a stretcher from the platform of the Henan Province railway station.

Liu Qi who worked at the Hebi East Railway Station sprung into action when he heard that a woman was giving birth to a child and was the first person to help the woman. Liu played the role of a midwife and rushed to the waiting room with a stretcher.

He told the officials that when he first saw the woman, she was unable to walk. He immediately called for medical assistance and gathered several stewards at the station to help her and her family members.

All they could do was to wait for the ambulance to arrive. Within several minutes, the baby's head began to appear and the stewards had to help the woman deliver. Liu placed the mother on to the stretcher and held her head back. Finally the ambulance arrived and the medics took full control of the situation. The doctors first cleaned the infant and the mother and then transferred them to a nearby hospital for thorough examination.

The dramatic half an hour of events was captured by the Hebi East Railway Station CCTV camera.

The video shows the woman on the stretcher being rushed from the platform of the station and placed on the ground as she gives birth to a baby girl. Sadly, the baby was born premature and was suffering from jaundice. The newborn needed immediate medical attention and was rushed to a nearby hospital in the ambulance by the medics.

The baby and her mother have both been admitted to a local hospital which is affiliated with the Henan Xinxiang Medical College. The father of the baby, Zhu Shuaichao, and her family members appreciated Liu for adopting the role of a midwife and saving the child's life. In such a life or death situation, the courage and helping nature of Liu Qi and several other stewards certainly helped save lives.